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Academic, pro-life feminist, Liberal Democrat, Reformative Jew, future vicar's wife, vegan, bisexual, modest dresser, hopeless idealist, hopeful cynic. Trying to bring about Moshiach one act of random kindness at a time.

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Note: Unlike many LJs, you may notice that mine is remarkably lacking in angst. This mostly because I am not a 15 year old goth who believes that no one understands me apart from Placebo. However, it is partly because I do not believe in inflicting my angst upon people in a non-concensual manner. If you would like to read my angst please tell me by commenting on one of my posts and I will add you to my angst filter.

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cambridge carbon footprint, carbon conversations, composting, dress making, economics, gardening, heterodox economics, interfaith marriage, judaism, post keynesian economics, prolife feminism, reducing my carbon footprint, sewing, theology, vegan baking
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