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The church: Wesley Methodist Church
Denomination: Methodist
The building: A large attractive brick church, familiar to many as the location of frequent blood drives. (Alec tells me it is also a polling station.)
The church: Relatively multi-ethnic congregation by Cambridge standards. Quite an elderly congregation but it is the church of Cambridge Meth Soc so there are students during term time.
The cast: Leading and preaching was The Revd Dr Peter Graves Th.M, organist Geoff Batty, readings by Kathy Batty and Robert Wills.
The date & time: 10:30am, Sunday 8th July 2007

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The church: St Andrew the Great
Denomination: Anglican, but very much at the conservative evangelical end
The building:
The church: StAG is rather notorious within Cambridge as <i>the</i> CICCU church. It has an incredibly active congregation of fresh-faced young evangelicals. It also has a non-student congregation but we went to the 11:30 student service.
The cast:
The date & time: 11:30am, Sunday 10th June 2007

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The church: Queens' Chapel
Denomination: Anglican
The building: Nineteenth century largish chapel on an arts and crafts style featuring dark wood and pretty cast iron candle sticks that are completely impractical. Alec is on a mission to get rid it of the clutter whilst Jonathan (the Dean of Chapel) is on sabbatical. Edit: Queens' chapel doesn't have any dead bodies in it (except during funerals) so is safe for Cohenim to go into.
The church: To be honest, Queens' Chapel is sort of dead. Apart from Carol services, remembrance day, weddings, funerals etc. it usually only has a few people attending. The congregation  usually only includes one or two people who aren't rotaed readers/servers etc. Alec is trying to do something about this.
The cast: The Very Rev Chris Whittal (the acting chaplain whilst Jonathan is on sabbatical) This was his first service at Queens'. David Prince reading and serving. Someone else read the gospel.
The date & time: 10:15am, Sunday 22nd April 2007

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The church: Our Lady and English Matrys
Denomination: Roman Catholic
The building: A very big (one of the largest churches in Cambridge) ninetenth century mock gothic building. I quite like it but Alec thinks it's the most hideous Church here.
The church: A very large and racially diverse (by Cambridge standards) congregation as OLEM is the only Catholic church in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.
The cast: Most of the service and the homily were by Fr Rafael Esteban (referred to as Fr Raf in the parish newsletter). There was another priest, a deacon and an alter boy.
The date & time: 8am, Sunday 22nd
 April 2007
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The church: Peterhouse chapel
Denomination: Traditional/Anglo-Catholic
The building: Very small, pretty college chapel with quite spectacular stained glass windows.
The church: A strong core of regular chapel goers made up of both undergraduates and graduates.
The cast: I'm not sure who was leading the service, I'll have to ask Sam. Congregation were: Sam, Alec, Erika and me.
The date & time: 10pm 21st April 2007

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The 'vocations lady', Ruth, suggested at their last meeting that Alec should visit a variety of churches with different styles of churchmanship as part of his preparation for seeking ordination. I made up a list of churches for him to visit and thought it would be interesting to visit the churches with him. So as not to waste this information I thought I'd post mystery worshipper reports. Here's the first. )


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