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I am quite curvy*. This leads a problem with finding shirts for work. I generally have a choice between shirts which are only a little bit too big at the waist but gape at the buttons over the chest and shirts which are roughly the size of a tent (and still somehow manage to gape at the chest).

I have found the solution: poppers! The problem I have is that there is enough fabric in the shirt to fit around my chest, but the contours make the fabric pull at the buttons, leading to gaping. To solve the problem I sew a popper half way between the buttons where it gapes the most. Not only does it stop the shirt gaping between those two buttons, but by changing the tension on the fabric, one popper will often cure all of the gaping problems. It's rather magic and if you're neat enough to sew through just the inner layer of the double fabric around the buttons, the popper is invisible when the shirt is being worn.

*In a E cup size rather than a euphemism for fat way.

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Date: 2012-03-28 06:29 am (UTC)
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Ooh, thank you! I have used poppers once, on a shirt that was otherwise lovely but too low-cut for my comfort in wearing it to work. The neckline was cut in such a way that it was plausible for it to be held together further up with an invisible popper.

Now I shall see if I can rescue some of the shirts I've put aside due to pregnancy-enhanced breasts making them gape (though perhaps not until after the birth as the pregnancy-enhanced tum is becoming more of an issue).


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