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I've decided to take up [personal profile] liv's challenge to write 10 linky posts, three diary/asking questions type posts and one op ed type post between now and 15th May.

I could try to cheat and count that as a linky post on it's own but I won't and will instead include some other links, in this case to web comics I like, because that's the first thing that came into my head.

First off, I'm sure if you're reading this you'll be familiar with I love it and I love the way that the comics came be used to easily illustrate lots of common mistakes in statistics (an important issue for an economist).

Second, Dykes to Watch Out For. It's not being updated any more as Alison Bechdel[1] has moved on to being a top literary and academic type, but a lot of the past comics are archived on her website. You can also buy books of her past comics (or you could buy them for me, just sayin') and her two graphic memoirs. I've only read the first but it was awesome and so beautifully constructed so that she takes you through a meandering view of her life and literature until suddenly you turn a corner and realise that it was all carefully put together so that it all fits together. You should probably read it rather than reading my poor attempt to describe it.

Thirdly, have you ever been reading The Jewel in the Crown and thought 'I like this multi-perspective narrative structure but I'd prefer it if the plot was a bit more like a queer British Dawson's Creek, and with pictures'? Who hasn't? Well may be for you. I feel slightly embarrassed by this recommendation because my enjoyment of it is on the level of 'oh oh oh, will they kiss, does he love her, will they, won't they' and the gender and sexuality of the characters doesn't elevate that to something higher than it is. At least the characters in this actually have sex like normal teenagers who have found someone they're terribly fond of, rather than avoiding sex through bizarre plot devices and angst, like the characters in Dawson's Creek.

Added bonus extra: particularly the Bobcats

1 Of Bechdel test fame.


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