Jun. 13th, 2007 01:01 pm
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My exams are over. Some went well. Some went terribly. I'll have to wait to see how it all came out in the wash. I now need to start researching for my dissertation which will be due in at the end of August (assuming I didn't completely cocked up my exams).

On Monday I held afternoon tea which was lovely. I tried several new recipes and all were merrily eaten by guests. I've finally come done form the adrenaline from my exams so am beginning to pay back my huge sleep debt. I have tidied my room and cleaned the kitchen. I suspect the mess was caused by the American as he seemed quite penitent the next day when he saw that I'd cleaned everything myself (it took three hours). So far the kitchen has remained clean and tidy. I'm hoping that wiping surfaces when I see a bit of mess and keeping all the clutter neatly stacked in one corner will encourage others to keep things clean.
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I finally got to sleep at 6 this morning so I slept in until 11:30. I woke up with a tea hangover*. At least whilst I was awake with insomnia I read through the lecture notes for the topic I'm seeing my tutee about today.

So, plan for today:
Email potential supervisors
Look over a couple of exam questions so I can go through them with my tutee
Buy: darjeeling, ginger, saucepan**
Make carrot and ginger soup
Take my bicycle to the bike man in the market to fix the front break***
CSLD exec meeting
Supervise tutee
Cook vegan shepherds pie and eat it with Alec
Put away afternoon tea things

Edit: To add to the fun I've just got an email telling me that I have to confirm my final exam choices by next Monday despite the paper I think I might want to take not beginning to have lectures until after then. I did know what optional paper I wanted to do but, despite both myself and the person teacher the paper being happy to procede with it, they withdraw the paper. I would be really angry if I weren't so exhausted and listening to Mama Cass

*A tea hangover is what one experiences the morning after an evening of drinking too much tea. It involves:
dehydration from the caffeine
tiredness from the rubbish night's sleep due to the caffeine
general crap feeling from coming down from the cake induced sugar high

**The saucepan I have been using since mine was stolen because it didn't seem to have an owner, did have an owner her took it back to her kitchen last night.

***My bicycle has lever breaks which are more ornamental than practical. The front one 'pinged' yesterday when I tried to break to avoid going under a bus. I think Alec might just not have the knack of adjusting them and I'm hoping the bike man will.
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I would attribute this to having drunk lots of tea and eaten lots of cakes and biscuits this afternoon/evening. I think it might also have something to do with getting used to sleeping curled up with Alec and not sleeping so well by myself. I wish we had a double bed.

I held afternoon tea.

Guests: Alec, Sam, Ed, Andy T, Harry, Toby, Gareth, Eliot and [livejournal.com profile] chemchik

Food: Chocolate cake, Lemon poppy seed cake, Ginger bread (Little Book of afternoon Tea), Almond biscuits (Little Book of Afternoon Tea), Raisin and nut flapjacks (Vegetarian Student Cookbook), crumpets and cucumber sandwiches.

It was lots of fun.

Alec and I have also decided to join Cambridge Dancers' Club. I want to learn Argentine Tango and he feels Ballroom may be better to begin with. I'm very much looking forward to it.

In other news, I was supposed to do optional mid-terms this week but I got a stinking cold on Tuesday so only made the first one. I've got a private tutee so I may now so I may go over the stuff I'm going through with her tomorrow whilst I try to get to sleep.

I'm not sure that this will make much sense. Insomnia not good.
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I held my second afternoon tea on Thursday. Sam and Ed came.

I baked coconut flapjacks (using the recipe in The Vegetarian Student Grub Guide but adding 50g of creamed coconut to the recipe and doubling all the ingredients so that the flapjacks would fill my baking tray). I also baked chocolate fairy cakes from this recipe http://www.vrg.org/nutshell/faqrecipes.htm#cupcakes. I don't think I baked the flapjacks or the fairy cakes for long enough (I followed the recipes) so the fairy cakes rose and promptly sank again souffle style. I now have about 35 rather flat chocolate fairy cakes but I may be able to offload them onto Robbie at his chocolate party this Thursday. All the same I think that it is worth trying the recipe again but only removing them from the oven when the first cake has just started to burn rather than after 20 minutes as the recipe says.

As well as the cakes we had locally grown raspberries and darjeeling tea. Much fun was had by all and Ed and Sam practically had to waddle away due to being stuffed with cake, which I think is a good sign.

Next week I have a computer class on Thursday afternoon so I think I will hold afternoon tea on Sunday. Please let me know if you would like to come to tea next Sunday afternoon.
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I held my first afternoon tea this afternoon. It went swimmingly. We had darjeeling tea, cucumber sandwiches, vegan chocolate cake, coconut flap jacks (both baked this morning) and raspberries. We used my Tea's Me tea cups and sugar bowl, three tier cake stand, Victorian tea pot, the nice tea spoons Alec got me for my birthday and pastry forks. Everyone had a wonderful time.

The only down sides were that:
a) the last people left at 9 o'clock (yes 'afternoon tea' lasted over four hours) so I have not done any work yet
b) I'm not really hungry but feel that cake and tea does not count as a proper evening meal
c) I have drunk so much tea that I'm having strange caffeine shakes that I have not experienced since I once drunk a whole can of Red Bull.
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Deliver invitations to afternoon tea.
Check with the president's secretary whether it would be OK to go to the drinks reception on Wednesday rather than Friday as Friday evening is erev Sukkot.
Check with bicycle shop when my bicycle will be fixed.
Register with the UL.
Get the book I'm reading out of the UL.
Four and a half hours of lectures.
Buy porridge oats and anything else I need to make cakes for afternoon tea.
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I am sitting typing this from the desk in my room. I have got the internet connected in my new room. I have unpacked all my stuff. I have joined Freecycle. I just signed up to get weekly organic veg boxes. Today I bought a pie dish*, a teapot, a sugar bowl and milk jug, another mud sized tea brewing device, two painted flower pots with saucers and various ingredients to make a fruit pie on Thursday.

I think I have got most stuff sorted. Some things I still need to sort at some point:
Sell my old bicycle
Buy a small/coffee table
Get the last of my possessions from Alec
Buy tea strainer, cake stand, cake plates and pastry forks
Get hold of a clothes airer
Get some compost so I can repot my herbs

I have a rather nice kitchen this year and soon I will have lots of locally grown organic vegetables so please come to dinner. I've invited [livejournal.com profile] jmimages to dinner on Thursday (the boy needs feeding).

*It is almost impossible to get hold of a pie dish in Cambridge. Having searched lots of charity shops, Lakeland, TK Max etc. I finally found one in Elizabeth David Cookshop which is a wonderful shop that tends to always have the cookery thing I want at a reasonable price.

Day 15

Aug. 16th, 2006 11:04 am
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Another day of only remembering to do art at the last minute (bad Sam) so I draw a tea cup and some cakes whilst I sat on my bed in my jim jams.
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Nice wooden coat hangers
Some new shoes/boots

Things to satisfy my tea fetish
Tea cups
Tea pot
Milk jug and sugar bowl
Cake stand
Pastry forks
Little butter knives
Tea strainer and tidy

For kosherising my life
LBD Book on what brands of food are kosher
Book about how to have a kosher kitchen
New crockery
New tupperware
New other things that can't be koshered

Tea fetish

Aug. 8th, 2006 02:04 pm
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I think my plan to hold afternoon teas is turing into an obsession/fetish. I've joined two LJ communities on the topic [livejournal.com profile] pearlsandtea and [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_crumpet. I also keep taking sneaky looks at the tea set I'm going to by on John Lewis's website.

I'm not too worried as I think it is partly a coping mechanism to deal with some of the anxiety of starting my MPhil*. I also think that my obsession will wane once I have the opportunity to hold a couple of afternoon teas.

When I am planning to buy something I like to think about it for at least a month before I buy it. This is good because:
it reduces the amount of stuff I buy
I get exactly the right type whatever I have decided I want to purchase
if I don't really want it I will lose interest before I get around to buying it.

*I tend to deal with stressful situations by concentrating upon one vaguely related thing that I have a lot of control over. With my Cambridge interview I didn't think much about the actual interview but instead concentrated on what I was going to wear. For job interviews I normally buy new really cute stationary for the assessment centre. It seems to work.


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