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Go to three hours of lectures
Get books from the Marshall library in the vain hope of understanding econometrics
Order kosher bread for Derby stores
Make lunch and eat it
(Yummy spicy carrot and lentil soup)
Attempt this week's econometrics problem sheet
Read through the lecture notes on the topic I'm supervising my tutee on tomorrow
Put out my veg box
Go to Argentine Tango with Alec
Make dinner and eat it
Change of plan: Go and see lesbians at Clowns and have dinner there
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I've been up to lots of things since I last posted so I'll bore you all with a nice long post.

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I would attribute this to having drunk lots of tea and eaten lots of cakes and biscuits this afternoon/evening. I think it might also have something to do with getting used to sleeping curled up with Alec and not sleeping so well by myself. I wish we had a double bed.

I held afternoon tea.

Guests: Alec, Sam, Ed, Andy T, Harry, Toby, Gareth, Eliot and [ profile] chemchik

Food: Chocolate cake, Lemon poppy seed cake, Ginger bread (Little Book of afternoon Tea), Almond biscuits (Little Book of Afternoon Tea), Raisin and nut flapjacks (Vegetarian Student Cookbook), crumpets and cucumber sandwiches.

It was lots of fun.

Alec and I have also decided to join Cambridge Dancers' Club. I want to learn Argentine Tango and he feels Ballroom may be better to begin with. I'm very much looking forward to it.

In other news, I was supposed to do optional mid-terms this week but I got a stinking cold on Tuesday so only made the first one. I've got a private tutee so I may now so I may go over the stuff I'm going through with her tomorrow whilst I try to get to sleep.

I'm not sure that this will make much sense. Insomnia not good.


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