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There was something about the envelope which let me know at a glance that there was something special about it. It's contents were given away by the bride and groom rubber stamping on the outside. Wedding invite! It was from two college friends who have been engaged nearly as long as Alec and I have been together, but have kept failing to actually organise their wedding. This disorganisation had led to another boon, non-Saturday wedding. I'd already heard that they were getting married on a Monday because it was the only day they could book all of the rooms they wanted to use for the wedding and reception.

Forward to this morning, I was thinking about the wedding and had a little niggling feeling. A Monday... in September... I just checked my calender and (the Jews reading might have guessed what's coming) it's on Yom Kippur. It's not too bad. The weddings at 3 and in Cambridge so I think I'll go to shul in the morning, go to the wedding, head back to shul for the last couple of services and hopefully get back to the wedding in time for the speeches and cake cutting. I'm trying to work out how to compose an RSVP with a menu request of "meat for Alec and nothing for me, I'll be fasting".
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I just found some more photos from my wedding on the internet.* Here they are if you'd like a look.

*by Googling my name. Yes I was that desparate to not do what I was supposed to be doing.
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I now have the issue of what to write after you've been off LJ for ages.

Well I got married, had a lovely honeymoon and moved in with my husband. Since then I have mainly been sleeping, praying and fasting.

I suppose the exciting thing is that some of my wedding photos are online and can be found here.
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Sort out food
Decide on ceremony music
Practice make up
Finish chuppah
Make bag
Shop for honeymoon
Buy cake stand

Buy tubs
Set up photosharing
Order moo cards
Book mikveh

Week 4
Pay ketubah artist
Pick up tiara
Book hair
Buy Alec's pen
Decide on first dance
Allocate sheva brachot
Call photography to check booking and go through plans for the day
Call catering hire people and check order
Pop into bursers office and check that they still have my booking
Pop into the University Arms Hotel and check they still have wedding night booking.

Week 3
Go to Ikea and buy centrepiece vases
Have hair trial
Call people who haven't yet RSVPed
Do cake trial
Visit florist and pick out centrepiece flowers
Make fruit cakes
Visit choir

Week 2
Paint table numbers onto vases
Give final head count to hire people
Have haircut

Make seating chart
Make place cards
Make orders of service
Make menus
Meet photographer
Get stuff for hen night
Have hen night

Week 1
Ice fruit cake
Make ginger bread
Have pedicure
Inform everyone of wedding roles

Deliver ingredients
Go to mikveh
Make chocolate cake
Have manicure
Wrap gifts and write thank you cards
Tell bank I'm going on honeymoon
Pack for honeymoon
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I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. TODAY!
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The weather forecast says that it's going to rain on Sunday.
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It's 19 days until my wedding and I'm trying not to get too freaked out with organisation. One of the things I need to sort out is immersion before the ceremony.

As I see it I have three options:

Sternberg Centre
Pros: purpose built kosher mikvah, warmish water, I know it, I won't have to lie about my status to use it
Cons: no mikvah lady so I'd have to find my own witness, I think they're only open during office hours which might make finding a witness trickier.

Kenwood Ladies bathing Pond
Pros: I'm going there anyway for my bridal picnic, there will be people there who can witness, it should be a kosher mikvah because it's spring fed
Cons: It's cold, I'd have to try getting into the nip in public, it's scary dark water with fish in, I'd have to immerse a week before the wedding, I'm not 100% sure that it's kosher

An Orthodox Mikvah in Cambridge
Pros: definitely kosher, open in the evenings, there have their own mikvah lady, I might be able to buy some bedicah clothes while I'm there, they have better prep facilities
Con: I'd have to lie/allow people think untrue things about me, it's a bit scary

What do you think?
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For my hen night I'm going to have a sleppover at my house with a few good friends and lots of booze. I like the idea of having a more sedate event which I would invite more people to, including my female future in-laws and my mum. I had the idea of having a picnic at Kenwood Ladies bathing pond. I like that it's a women only space and it's reasonably easy access for everyone and quite cheap. The only issue is that Kenwood Ladies Bathing Pond is frequented almost exclusively by lesbians and some people might think that that would make it an inappropriate place to take my relatives. What do you think?
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Talk to florist
Get passport
Find bag for bridesmaid
Harass ushers who haven't sorted out outfits
Buy wedding ring
Buy wine
Order beer
Buy tiara
Buy wedding underwear

Get dress
Have hair trial
Have nail trial
Discuss play list with band
Meet Jonathan about the ceremony
Discuss ceremony with Harriet
Get things to make cake
Do cake trials
Work out final menu
Tell volunteers what I want them all to do.
Sort out ketubah
Organise hen night

Make chuppah
Make bunting
Buy gifts
Confirm final ceremony music choices
Make orders of service

To Do List

Jul. 2nd, 2008 06:51 pm
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Deliver Cambridge invites
Have trial manicure
Meet with florist
Chat to accommodation officer about married couples accommodation

Update wedding website
Get Jonathan to fill in the passport forms again
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I handed my first year report in last Wednesday and since then have been manically getting wedding stuff sorted. Most of the invites are now in the post. I have bought the bridesmaid's dress and finished booking the honeymoon. Alec and I started the wedding registry but, having spent 6 hours going around John Lewis sorting it, will need to go again next Friday to finish it off.

On that topic I need advice. I'm tempted to ask for some expensive luggage. I've always bought cheap luggage in the past on the grounds that that way I haven't lost much if it falls apart after a couple of trips. However, if more expensive luggage will last longer it may be better value in the long run. I sort of need a new suitcase for the honeymoon and John Lewis do a thing where you can mark some things on the list as stuff you need early. What do you all think?

[Poll #1214815]

If it makes a difference, I'm thinking of getting one of these cases in pink.
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In my perusing of the wedding planning part of the internet I'm getting increasingly irritable with non-religious brides who want to have an Anglican wedding so that they can get married in a pretty church but then bitch about unfair it is that the church:
a) won't let them get married in a different church to their parish church just because it's prettier and/or was in a film.
b) strongly encourages them to come to church a whole three times to hear the Banns read.
c) makes them meet with the vicar more than once and dares to try to explain Christian ideas of marriage during those meetings.
d) won't allow them to do things which it deems inappropriate during the service.
e) makes them use the liturgy of the Church of England.

The Church of England is a religious body, not a wedding and pretty building preservation service. Would these people wander into a Mosque because it was pretty and then get all uppity about how the imam wouldn't let them wear a strapless dress for the ceremony?
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Last year I kept an eye on the price of Pimms with the idea in my head that I might be arranging a wedding in the near future which might involve Pimms. I observed that, as you might expect, the price of Pimms falls at the end of May week as Cambridge supermarkets try to get rid of the excess which hasn't been consumed at garden parties and May Balls. I decided the best wa to go about things was to set a target price and buy when the price fell below it. I reckoned £12 a litre was about as cheap as I could get it. I was just beginning to think that I might have to buy at a higher price due to all this inflation I'm hearing about when I walked into Sainsbury's to find Pimms at £11.66 a litre. Win!

So now I have 15 litres of Pimms in my room.
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So, Alec and I have a text for the marriage contract we want in both English and Hebrew. We're trying to work what to do about the actual ketubah. We don't want to spend much money (less than £300) so I don't think we can afford a custom ketubah. We have quite different aesthetics so finding a ketubah is a struggle. The next issue is that the text we want is really long (probably about 1000 words including the English and Hebrew) so a lot of ketubot where you just fit the text into a print aren't going to have room. Then I had a thought as I was browsing through a ketubah site. We could just get the text with no decoration and have it decorated at a later date when we have less of a time pressure and possibly a bit more money we could have it decorated. Now the website which gave me this inspiration charges about £130 for a plain printed ketubah text and I'm sure I should be able to get the text printed high quality for less than that with a printer who'll print from a PDF.

So the question, do any of you have any idea where I cold get that printing done?
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Alec and my original plan was to buy enough booze so that people could have a couple of glasses of Pimms after the ceremonies and wine with dinner and then have a cash bar so that people can buy drinks during the dancing. We also want to get a wedding keg from the Milton brewery. I put Alec in charge of the booze because it's something which can be sorted out away from Cambridge and he knows more than booze about me. As some of you may know, Alec tends to be a bit generous in his estimates of how much people drink, mainly because he assumes that people will drink roughly the same amount as him even though he has the alcohol tolerance of a Russian bear.

So, currently we're budgeting to have roughly the equivalent per person of:
two glasses of Pimms
half a bottle of wine
one glass of 'champagne'*
and a pint of ale
there will also be soft drinks

Now, I'm starting to think that that might be enough booze and we don't need a cash bar. I don't want to run out and I don't know whether people will mind only having the choice of Pimms, wine or beer to drink.
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*By which I mean sparkling white wine which is not from the champagne region.
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So, it costs 50p to £1 plus VAT to hire a cloth napkin. I could buy a pack of 100 recycled paper napkins for less than £4 and chuck them in the compostable bin after the wedding. This calls for a poll.
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May. 4th, 2008 09:57 am
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I've been getting quotes from various hairdressers for putting my hair up for my wedding. As I was walking out of one of them I had the odd thought that my wedding day might be the last time I go to a hairdresser. I haven't been to a hairdresser in about two years because my hair is just long and straight and I can't quite bring myself to pay over £10 to get someone to cut the bottom of it in a straight line so instead I bought a pair of hairdressing scissors and get Alec to do it. When we're married I'm planning to cover my hair, both removing much need for fancy hairstyles and making Alec a much more convenient hairdresser.
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I am beginning to realise why people tell you to book things early. I have just started looking into hiring table clothes and crockery etc. for the wedding and am starting to fear that a) it will cost way more than I thought and b) there may not be any hire firms with crockery free on our wedding date. On top of that there's the stress of how to get all of the stuff to and from the Guildhall. I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if guests ate off biodegradable plates with wooden knives and forks.

Alec hasn't found a band we like yet and I haven't even begun getting the stuff for the brit ahuvim yet because I've yet to find out whether any of my friends would be willing to officiate at one. Eclesiastical lawyers are being consulted over whether our marriage will be legal or we'll have to get legally married beforehand.

On the plus side, Alec has his outfit almost sorted and [ profile] frankthebarmaid is still happy to make my dress in July. I think I'm going to go with Peter Graves for the flowers because when I visited them they were really helpful and they've been recommended by quite a few people as the florists to go to as long as you don't want lots of fancy stuff. My mother has managed to break down my fathers resistence over wearing morning dress and he has booked his suit.
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Oh wisdom of LJ, I am definitely not l33t and I am a bit confused about how to make a website. I can cope with how to do the HTML but I'm a bit confused about how to buy a domain name and connect it to my website. I've registered with the Student Run Computer Facility which I intend to use to host my site. They say that I can 'point' a domain to my website hosted with them. I'm a bit confused about what I'd need to buy from the domain hosting site. The FAQ on the computing service say I need someone to host the DNS server for my domain name but I'm worried that I'll do something wrong.