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I am emailing because my phone isn't fucking connected because I lost the will to live after 16 minutes of what I thought was your "quick" start line but appears to be the Michael Jackson memorial line, which I had to pay to listen to as I had to call from a mobile as my landline still isn't fucking connected. There's a recession employ more call centre people. I'll be switching to BT if your customer service sinks to the depths of NTL.

Connect my fucking phone.

.doc rant

Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:17 pm
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Why the fuck to people still email out papers in .doc format?

I am by far not the most computer savvy person in the world. I don't know how to use Latex (or how to type a Greek letter chi) and if I had a PC I'd probably write most stuff in Word. However, I understand that not everyone has Word or even the particular version of Word you have and if you are an academic I'm pretty sure you have some kind of pdf writing on your computer. So fucking use it rather than making me open your stupid .doc file in NeoOffice, in which all your formatting is going to get fucked.

Here endith the lesson.
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Another thing that gets me down at pro-life events is that they are dominated by conservative Catholics. I've nothing against conservative Catholics, but spending a whole evening as a minority of one is tiring. Sometimes I get the urge to just leave them to it and let pro-life soc become a subgroup of Fisher House where people can preach to the choir about the evils of contraception and gay adoption. Over dinner there was an animated discussion about This case of some grandparents who were refused custody because they were 'too old' and whose grandchildren were instead adopted by a gay couple. Now, I think that, if the details of the story are correct, it shows the great problem of social services not taking into account that keeping children within their extended family or with friends of their family, is usually better than adoption by strangers. This story would be just as much a travesty if the kids had been adopted by the Brady Bunch. However, my comrades in the cause of life concentrated on the gay aspect and the 'PC gone mad' aspect of allowing two men to adopt.

I know queer pro-lifers. I know people who were raised by queer parents. I want them in our pro-life soc tent. We're not going to change any minds if pro-life soc is the place you go to let off steam agreeing with the homophobic story you read in the Daily Mail. Why don't they just start a homophobic soc and let me get on with winning people around to pro-life feminism.
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Why exactly is Radio 4 allowing people on it's programmes who don't just believe in but have actively participated making education and employment conditional upon stripping for real women and talking to him as if he's a normal rational human being rather than a racist shit bag?

I have one thing to say to all the people who very calmly intellectually discuss how they have a lot of sympathy for the French policies which would exclude me and my children from education and almost every job I've ever held:
Fuck you!
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Dear Git Wizard

Cambridge resembles Hogwarts in many ways, the gowns, the old buildings etc, however, contrary to what you seem to believe, it lacks magic plates. Judging by your behaviour the last six months it is clear that you are labouring under the misbelief that our kitchen comes with magic self-cleaning plates that dance around the kitchen washing themselves when you're not watching. This is sadly not the case. Those plates belong to other people. When you breeze into the kitchen, cover them in your crud, before rushing off to get on with your busy important life, we come into the kitchen to find that we have to clean whatever disgusting filth you consume off our stuff before we can eat.

I just spent my morning trying to remove you crud from my 1960s vintage plate. Even after soaking it over night I still had to scrape it with a sharp knife to get your crap off. In fairness I had left it dirty for a few weeks in the vain hope that you might develop a sense of social conscience and clean up your own mess.

If you do this again, rather than cleaning the plate I will smash it and shove the broken shards down your throat.

Hope you die in pain


P.S. Whilst we're on the topic of kitchen behaviour, please do not leave packets of animal blood in the sink. It's just what every Jewish vegan looks forward to finding when she goes to prepare her dinner.


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