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I am knackered. I'm probably going to heat myself up some dinner, light candles, eat dinner and flop into bed.

Before then I thought I'd post some pre-Shabbat links to websites I like for Jewish stuff.

Most people have heard of Chabad but the bit of their site I use the most is their candle lighting times. You can also use their site to find all halachic times for places all over the world, which means that if you have want to know when sunrise is going to be on a particular date in a particular place you can find it here, regardless of your interest in Judaism.

A very useful website to talk about some aspects of Judaism that don't get such a public airing is Nishmat. 'Women's Health and Halacha' is a euphemism for Jewish law to do with vaginas. It's a very useful resource to learn about this sort of stuff and a cool example of Orthodox feminism as it's part of a project to train women to be halachic advisers on certain topics.

My Jewish Learning is a good go to website if you want a short accessible website about pretty much anything to do with Judaism. They also have blogs and a website on Jewish parenting called Kveller.

Added bonus, another thing I love on the Chabad website is the Itche Kadoozy show. It is by far the best low budget, fundementalist religious childrens shows I have ever seen.
Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.


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